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Jekyns Pelaez


Address: [Provided upon request] Los Angeles, CA 


Tel: [Provided upon request]

Summary of Skills and Experience


• Extensive experience as performer in Dance, Opera, Theater and Film

• Director and Choreographer

• Experience leading dance school programs

• Experience teaching for universities, public and private schools

• Avid collaborator with other artists

• Widespread dance performance experience in Ballet, Contemporary 

• Proficient in Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, AE, Da Vinci Resolve and Final Draft

• Excellent interpersonal, organizational and researching skills

• Bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish

• Enhanced teaching methodology for foreign students

2010 - present

Work experience

Director, Faculty and Choreographer

SoCal Arts, Monrovia, CA 2020-present

• Lectures and Instructed Intermediate and Advance Dance

• Manages the direction of the school program curriculum

• Creates classical and contemporary choreography

• Choreographs for Youth America Grand Prix

• Produces, directs and films

• Hires personnel and oversees financial aspects of the institution


Orange Coast Community College, Costa Mesa, CA 2018

• Lectured and Instructed Intermediate and Advance Dance

• Created and Prepared choreography for Spring shows.

• Hosts and imparts in conferences and seminars


California School of the Arts - SGV. Duarte, California 2018-21

• Lectured Dance to High School students

• Lectured students in dance history

• Choreographed for semester shows

• Led workshops and hosted dance seminars and conferences

• Prepared lectures and managed all aspects semester teaching


Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA 2017

• Lectured Dance, Dance Theory and Visual Arts to High School students



California State University, Los Angeles, CA 2013

• Lectured Dance Theory and History to students

• Prepared written and oral exams, memos, letters and flyers

• Scheduled lecturers, instructed dance workshops and choreographies

• Managed large classroom attendance, interactive workshops and grading

• Taught in both English and Spanish


Lecturer and Choreographer

California State University, Los Angeles, CA 2013-2014

• Prepared choreography for International Day of Dance Celebration

• Created flyers and arranged photo shoots for publicity

• Helped organize interactive activities for visitors

• Organized meetings, day trips and rehearsals


• SoCal Arts

• Pasadena Civic Ballet. Pasadena, CA 

• South Bay Dance Center

• Diablo Ballet

• Several Collaborative Projects in CA, NC 

• Prepared choreography for season shows.

• Organized Rehearsals.

Dance Teacher

North and Southern California, CA 2001-present

• Instructed Classical Ballet at over 20 dance schools

• Conducted summer programs, dance workshops and student productions

• Performed in more than 50 school productions

• Choreographed group and solo dance numbers for competitions



San Francisco and Los Angeles Opera, CA 2007-2021

• Performed as dancer and actor in over 20 operas

• Executed principal roles reviewed by local critics

• Performed dance choreographies, theatrical movement and stage fighting

• Member of San Francisco Opera Tenure Dancers roster


Guest Dancer and Actor

International, San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles, CA 2001-Present

• Danced with Ballet San Jose, Diablo Ballet, Oakland Ballet, Ohio Ballet, Chatauqua Ballet, Ballet Arizona, AVA Ballet, among others

• Performed dance choreography, theatrical movement and outreach events

• Formed part from inception of the cast of The Tosca Project at ACT

• Participated in Outreach shows for Under-represented youth

• Participated in feature and low budget films, theatre productions, and has

been interviewed by TV stations and newspapers

• Performed in more than 150 productions, with international and local choreographers

• Performed and lectured in dance festivals in Cuba, Colombia and Thailand

• Received State Medal of Honor in Colombia in recognition of international achievement

• Participated in 5 International dance festivals and The IBC in Jackson, MS

• Performed in The Americas and Asia

• Collaborated in the inception of the first web series, CSU-LA Film department



California State University, Los Angeles, CA 2011-2014

• Directed and conceived performance ideas in Dance, Theatre and Film

• Managed all aspects of the publicity department for Web series

• Conducted acting and dance workshops, rehearsals and outreach events

• Created original work and coordinated Union relationship

• Conceived, produced, hired talent, acted, edited and budgeted thesis project




• Director and Producer 2006-present

• Director of SoCal Arts. 2020-present

• Films and theater in San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles

• CSU-Los Angeles and Los Angeles Theatre Center, CA

• Co-Founder of Histrion Theatre of Art, Charlotte, NC



• Renaissance Mid-Peninsula, San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2007-2008

• Internship, Nova Filmhouse, Inc. Los Angeles, CA 2013


2010 - present



M.F.A in Performance in TV, Film and Theater, California State University, Los Angeles, CA

B.A in Performing Arts, Saint Mary’s College, Moraga, CA

Film and Drama San Francisco City College, San Francisco, CA

Dance Pedagogy Certificate, National Ballet of Cuba, Havana, Cuba

Drama at School of Digital Filmmaking, San Francisco, CA

Entrepreneurship Certification from Loyola Marymount University

UC Berkeley Extension, Berkeley, CA

San Jose City College, San Jose, CA

Dance at Instituto Colombiano de Ballet, Cali, Colombia

Drama at Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes, Cali, Colombia

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